Bespoke Wealth Partners is all about network, with an Advisory Board made up of Industry heavyweights and partners in London, Sweden, Switzerland and Monaco plus global contacts across every major sector and market.

Our market:


Sophisticated investors are constantly searching for off market direct investment opportunities, and successful entrepreneurs often reach out to their trusted advisor for guidance on their next project or sourcing a co-investor. At Bespoke, we source compelling high yield ‘new alternative’ direct investment and partnership opportunities through our professional network, fuelling this exciting and growing marketplace.


What we do:


We provide guidance on investment strategy, structure, partner selection and fundraising. We always take a long-term performance-based role and we only deal with proven teams and experts in their chosen fields.

Through our extensive Family Office, Trust & Company, Investment Manager and Private Banking contacts we are well-placed to identify a constant flow of compelling investment ideas and business solutions. We also maintain extremely close ties with our sectors through select consultancy roles.

We have a strong track record of raising assets and profile for clients across a number of jurisdictions and diversified investor segments. Bespoke Wealth Partners are also a strong source of new business for lawfirms, auditors and fund administrators whilst helping professional advisors strengthen their ties with existing clients who demand more ideas, more solutions. Bespoke never earn referral fees or any form of commission from our professional partners.


Our clients choose us for:


• Our independence and a reputation for getting results

• A diverse professional background and exceptional network means we make quick, informed decisions

• We work closely with the vendor or manager to truly understand the business model before seeking to align with closely-suited professional investors and professional partners.

•  We only take on projects that in no way conflict with our independence and that we know we can deliver! …and we have a soft spot for unique, imaginative, disruptive projects.


Case Studies:


Project 1: Family Office mandate: Fintech fundraise, £undiscl

Background: Jersey-based family office sought our support in meeting a very specific mandate for a Fintech business.
We identified a business based in the UK that needed seeding for its next stage delivery, having grown to approximately £2 billion of assets under advice from mainly UK.  The business is essentially a platform interacting with IFAs that solves its RDR and associated administrative issues, introducing cost efficiency and consistency of client service whilst making different platforms work more efficiently and solving IFA issues like client suitability.

Role: Bespoke explored the market and engaged trusted partners to identify a shortlist of candidates, advising on selection process. BWP then arranged and participated in the investment round, including migrating the business to headquarter in Jersey as base for its global growth plans.


Project 2: Mauritius Real Estate Fund, $205mn, $30mn raise, 20% IRR 3yrs


Background: referral by local trust director where underlying client sought guidance and support for their property development project. Underlying team have significant international hospitality residential real estate development experience and have spent the past 5 years focusing entirely on the Mauritian market. They have built and sold over $200m of real estate in that period from startup to listed status company. The team see a significant opportunity to deliver UK-standard project management and financing structure to address the growing international demand for Mauritian real estate as well as meeting the demand for middle income homes in this high growth economy. They have now identified a series of 10 diversified development opportunities with a development cost of $205m where they have secured land co-ownership or right of purchase. Target profit $69m after 6 years, funding required $30m phased over 2 years

Role: Bespoke Wealth Partners are advising on fund strategy, structure, partner selection, marketing.

Status: BWP have recommended a small number of local fund administrators and lawfirms for a beauty parade, subject to first identifying a founder investor. First project funded and in development.


Project 3: UK Newbuild Nursing Homes, £100mn, £40mn raise, 15% IRR 7yrs


Background: London-based 2 successful entrepreneurs 20 years experience as one of UK’s largest Nursing Home landlords. The team have seen an opportunity to address a market gap in new-build high tech Private Nursing Homes for the middle classes with an innovative funding structure attractive to investor and operator alike. Sites located, key partners secured.

Role: The team have asked Bespoke Wealth Partners to assist with design, partner selection and finding a co-investor for this £100m fund (50% leverage, £10m seed from founders). Bespoke Wealth Partners will have an option to earn on funds raised, or carry in GP for ongoing contribution.

Status: BWP have advised on strategy and target market, founders are finalizing financial projections and teaser for discussion with potential partners and a small selection of pre-identified professional/ institutional investors.


Project 4: C. European Windfarm Fund II, EU200mn, 50mn raise, 14% IRR 5yrs


Background: Client builds and leases Windfarms in this location, where there is continued and growing demand for renewable energy with Gov’t CAPEX commitment EU5bn to 2020 and high demand from European investors for the asset class. Sponsors have already successfully funded and managed a EU55m fund since 2008 and they now wish to launch a second fund. First Fund investors will re-subscribe to c40% and the team wish to open remaining funding to professional/ family office investors via a structure in a stable, neutral jurisdiction. The team approached their financial advisor in Jersey who recommended a collaboration with Bespoke Wealth Partners.

Role: Bespoke Wealth Partners have provided advice on Fund II pricing and strategy and the team are finalizing their model as a consequence. Bespoke have been asked to support partner selection and to manage the marketing process for this fund. Bespoke have recommended 2 Fund Administrators and 3 lawfirms and they have introduced one family office connection with significant Central European energy interests and an appetite to co-invest via a Very Private Fund.

Status: Partner selection underway, target launch Oct/ Nov 2015, drawdown April 2016.


Project 5: Maritime Distribution Fund, $120mn, $45mn raise, 15% IRR 5yrs


Background: Trust Director in Jersey approach BWP when an underlying client asked for guidance and support in build and launch of a $60m diversified shipping fund yielding 8%, strategy to de-mystify and de-risk shipping as an asset class and make it accessible to Pension Funds and Family Offices with little experience in the sector and aiming to address the growing demand for alternatives to Real Estate/ Bonds and strong IRR.

Role: Bespoke Wealth Partners have provided advice on all aspects of the fund and have an long term interest in the GP. Bespoke have introduced the concept to a series of potential seed investor/ partners.

Status: advanced negotiations with seed investor $15m, at which point we embark on introducing this FCA Authorised manager to professional investors.


Project 6: Middle Eastern Hospital, initial $100mn, $20mn raise, 50% ROI


Background: Jersey Trust reached out asking for support for a private client who was mandated to find a European partner for a ME conglomerate to build a series of 6 state-of-the-art Hospitals to meet the needs of ‘VVIP’ patients, international corporate executives and the growing middle classes. The project sought a skilled investor with experience building ‘Global-grade’ hospitals utilizing world class technology and interface with leading practitioners around the world. Requirement to commit long term capital of c$20m to be joined with c$80m government grant. BWP introduced to family office client with extensive healthcare development interests and capabilities.

Role: BWP have coordinated presentations and introductions and principals have agreed outline terms. BWP have also introduced ‘top 4’ auditor/ consultant.

Status: Both parties have committed resources for a working group and the principals meet in mid September to decide working group goals and timeline for decision.